I strongly advise against the 'Amazing GIF to Video Converter' program that I bought from Amazing Studio. The program should convert GIF files to video, but it crashes for bigger GIF files. I emailed this problem to their support team, but got no response, not even a email confirmation. So, what's amazing is this company's bad software.
In July 2011 we stayed in the recently opened Swiss hotel Ibis Bulle - La Gruyère. Accidently, I left the charger and the battery of my photo camera in the room, and noticed it after passing the Great St Bernard Tunnel. By email, I asked the hotel management to look for these items and send them to me. And before I was home from vacation a parcel with the charger and battery already arrived. Many thanks to the nice management of this excellent hotel!
2009 July: The Maxtor Basics USB external harddisk (500GB) sucks since after booting my laptop the drive is never recognized. Reconnecting USB does not solve this problem; the drive's power must be switched off and on again, decreasing its lifetime. Media Markt sells these drives although the defect seems to be known for more than a year.
2007 June: My daughter's pc (Windows 2000) was infected by the virtumundo trojan virus. The Symantec virus scanner did not prevent the infection! After running VirtumundoBegone and FixVundo the virus was still present. The reason is that it had replaced in MSN Messenger's directory the file msnmgr.exe with its own wicked file. After deleting this file and re-install MSN Messenger, the problem was solved!
Furthermore, I tried to inform Symantec by email, but gave up after a lot of waisted time browsing on their site.
2007 March:   I bought a Shower Tap Radio as a birthday present for my daughter at www.crazyaboutgadgets.com. She has used this radio a few times inside the shower. However, the radio now fails to operate due to drops of water, that penetrated the electronics part of the equipment probably via the speaker.  crazyaboutgadgets claims on its site that this radio is waterproof, but it is certainly not. A few email complaints were left unanswered. So, crazyaboutgadgets is considered as a doubtful organisation that continues selling this swindle product !
At 2005 May 10, our dear hamster mum escaped from .... life after giving birth to 4 kids generated by her own son:


I use WorkPace for watching my computer activities. The guys in New Zealand really helped me with installing my old 2.4 version on my new floppy-less laptop.