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Buzzard & Kingfisher

Aperiodic Ammann-Beenker tessellation, third generation. Click here for the fourth generation.


An artificial object at the Dutch Design Week.

Spirals Share Wheels

Paralyzed by the vast number of cars.

From CoolBlue to HotRed

Toyota Hilux ....

Earth Share Wheels

This image of 8 loxodromic spirals is inspired by M.C. Escher's Sphere Surface. The construction is based on the paper of James Marcotte and Matthew Salomone.

Spiral Share Wheels

Driving around.

Orange Blue Fish Loxodromes

Along 8 loxodromic spirals the fish swim from north pole to south pole.

Blue Green Fish Loxodromes

The fish in between the other fish swim in the opposite direction.

Four Colored Fish Loxodromes

With a bearing of almost 62 degrees the path equals about 6.67 times the radius of the sphere.

Seagull Loxodrome

The birds fly along 11 loxodromic spirals from north pole to south pole with a bearing of about 50 degrees.

Fish Sphere Surface

This image of 8 loxodromic spirals is inspired by M.C. Escher's Sphere Surface. The construction is based on the paper of James Marcotte and Matthew Salomone.

Quartier206 Berlin

Which stairs to take?

Double Seagull Spirals

This space filling tessellation of a double spiral is not fully symmetric. The bird escapes from the bottom spiral and disappears at the top spiral.
Watch this animation (4.8Mb)

Seagull Spiral

This is a spiral with 19.373 seagulls per revolution in order to fit the tessellation.

Seagull Circles

This seems a spiral but they are only concentric circles of 19 seagulls, with a displacement to fit the tessellation.

Parrot Spiral

Space filling parrots tessellating in the form of a spiral.

Toucan Circles

The concentric circles of toucan tessellations show spirals.

Wicked Wicks

How many wicks does a mill have?
And this one?

Twin Parrots 1

Twin Parrots 2

Straight Parrots

Let's get straight with the space filling parrots.

Mandarin Fish 1

Mandarin Fish 2

Mandarin Fish 3

These mandarin fish have too many colours.


This beautiful dancer from Cartagena Colombia fills the entire space upside down.

Twin Dancers

Twin dancers colouring entire space.

Square Butterflies

Squeezing the hyperbolic space into a square with the space filling butterflies.

Discus 1

A space filling Symphysodon Discus fish 1.

Discus 2

A space filling Symphysodon Discus fish 2.

Discus 3

A space filling Symphysodon Discus fish 3.

MS Monarch

The outside stairs of MS Monarch.


A space filling parrot.


Souvenirs of Curaçao.


Afraid of spiders?


The town hall of Hanzestad Zutphen is a mix of ancient and modern buildings.


A space filling puppy.


The Egyptian sideways appearance of the chameleon is in line with the unrealistic proportions of its legs.


Take the stairs in this impossible figure.


Spiraling parts of the Brainport Industries Campus building.

Malabar butterflies

A dance of colored Malabar tree nymph butterflies. Only three colors are needed for this tessellation filling the hyperbolic space.


Have a good look. Some eyes are watching you. Creepy?


A pair of flamingos resembles a fishhook.

peacock butterfly

A space filling butterfly.

tree nymph butterfly

A myriad of mutated Malabar tree nymph butterflies circling together and filling the hyperbolic space.


A cat or sometimes an owl?

easteregg 1

Which came first?

easteregg 2

The chicken, or ...

easteregg 3

... the egg?!


This panda likes 3 things: bamboo, bamboo and bamboo.


A space filling tessellation of a single toucan. Click here for the normal tessellation.


The thoughts of a cow troubled by flies.



This tessellation is a redesigned version of fish13 of Makoto Nakamura. The seahorse and the blue hap cichlid fit together to fill the entire space .



This woman participates in the carnaval parade at Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The outline of the space filling tessellation comes from Alain Nicolas (Happy Man).

CN tower

Recognize my face?






Artificial Blossom (AB)


The lithograph "Print Gallery" of M. C. Escher was the inspiration for this photo. The mathematics behind that print were unraveled and presented by H. Lenstra and B. de Smit. A variation of their formula was used to create my photo as a nowadays selfie.

living statues

coral fishes

coral fishes


cute Janus face

coral fishes

without mirror symmetry...




Berlin wall




coral fish


or do I look like a frog?




coral fish